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Tuesday, 15 June 2021 10:40

The NC Association of REALTORS® issued the following statement accompanying a letter to Governor Cooper today regarding the ongoing eviction moratorium expiration on June 30, 2021:

"As the country and North Carolina continue to make significant strides recovering from the pandemic, the NC Association of REALTORS® is asking Governor Cooper to end the moratorium on evictions in North Carolina. The Governor continues to adapt numerous pandemic related emergency actions to reflect the current progress of North Carolina's diminishing pandemic emergency, including lessening mask mandates as well as business, event and school reopenings. It is also time to adapt the ongoing moratorium on evictions and refocus efforts on distributing the hundreds of millions of federal dollars that have been designated to states for rental assistance.

North Carolina has seen an improving economy, with thousands of job openings and vaccines broadly available statewide. Businesses by and large are operating normally again, contributing to their and the state’s recovery. The same cannot be said for small business housing providers, who continue to operate under severe restrictions. But the improvements in conditions that have allowed the rest of the economy to open up should allow housing to do the same. Asking small business housing providers to indefinitely suspend their ability to collect rent puts a disproportionate burden on their ability to participate in the economic recovery and has created a severe financial burden which threatens their businesses and livelihoods. The Governor has recently touted the revamped NC HOPE 2.0 rental relief fund to assist those with true continuing COVID-related rental needs. With this safety net in place, it is unfair to extend this economic burden on small business property owners. Failing to transition to economic recovery will not only burden these individual businesses, but also could have the unintended outcome of preventing full recovery in the housing sector, a key North Carolina industry. Now, more than ever, we need financially healthy housing providers to serve North Carolina’s growing housing needs."

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