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The Campaign Trail
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Thursday, 18 November 2021 17:28


Surrounded by supporters and packed into the Henderson County GOP Headquarters, Michele Woodhouse announced her campaign for the Republican nomination for the newly created 14th Congressional District ,

I will proudly be Congresswoman NO…. NO to the Biden Administration’s attempts to destroy our economy. NO to mortgaging our children & grandchildren’s future with irresponsible borrowing and spending, NO to infrastructure bills that have little to do with infrastructure, NO to School Boards and progressive teachers indoctrinating our kids, NO to defunding the police, NO to mandates and government overreach, and NO to open borders” said Woodhouse.

In a fiery speech, Woodhouse continued and made it clear she would be a conservative warrior fighting for the people of Western North Carolina:

We have been called as Momma Bears to keep CRT, mandates and plexiglass cages out of our schools! We have been called to fight for our Veterans and military families! We have been called to fight for our 1st Amendment and the 2nd, which protects the 1st!  This is Western North Carolina! We will be heard, and we will protect ourselves! We have been called to fight on behalf of the born and the unborn! We have been called to Save America from the socialist agenda of the left.  The liberals have a simple plan – burn America and her history to the ground – make everyone dependent on the Federal Government & turn us into Venezuela! BUT MY FRIENDS – WHEN I AM SERVING YOU IN CONGRESS I WILL FIGHT WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING AGAINST THE SQUAD AND ANY OTHER LIBERAL TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY!” said Woodhouse.

Woodhouse has served as NCGOP District 11 Chair since winning election in April, and has traveled all across the 6600+ square miles of Western NC on behalf of Republican candidates. She is a mom of two, Olivia and Marcus, an entrepreneur and successful businesswoman.


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