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State Government Radio was launched in 2004 as a daily round the clock radio program delivered to listeners via streaming audio on the Internet.  In addition, we offered the SGR Regulator, a daily newsletter delivered by email.  So why change?  As the pace on Jones Street and Main Street has changed so have we.  Your world today moves at a faster pace that requires you to make quicker decisions based on current, up to the minute information.  With that reality in mind we have made changes over the last few years to where we are today.  We will provide accurate, timely inside information from our state government that is provided to you online.  To meet this goal we have evolved into SGR Today. 


SGR Today is THE resource for what is happening and what is to come in state government and politics in North Carolina.  Delivered online, SGR Today puts you inside the legislature and the legislative process as well as provide commentary from opinion leaders from across the state. We go behind the scenes on Jones Street that will give you inside information on state politics and policies that is found nowhere else.  We are your one stop information center with knowledgeable insight that will keep you up to date with Jones Street and how it affects Main Street. 


SGR Today features the writing, reporting and observation of some of North Carolina’s top political reporters and observers including Josh Ellis, Rick Martinez, Barlow Herget, Bruce Ferrell and more. We'll showcase guests with firsthand knowledge of the legislature, how it works and what you can expect.  


SGR Today Features include:

  • J Street Daily An informative and concise audio recap of the happenings at the General Assembly from the previous day as well as a look ahead of what’s coming up in state government.
  • News Updates We cover the top stories of the day as well as important issues such as the economy, education, state local and national government.  Keep tabs on the candidates with our campaign trail link.
  • Archived Stories We keep an archive by category of our daily coverage.
  • Audio Programs Current and past editions of Carolina Newsmakers, People in Politics and specially produced programs are available.
  • Twitter Feeds Up to the minute coverage of the legislature from Josh Ellis.
  • Guest Commentaries Our guest commentaries will provide insight and viewpoints from opinion leaders across the state.
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